Tuesday – Five Nations Beef Alliance 2014 Tour

Day two of the Five Nations Beef Alliance tour, and we continue to learn about the beef industry in the United States and, more specifically, Texas.

Our first stop was Cureo, Texas and the Chisolm Trail Heritage Museum.  Much of our trip so far has taught us about the shared opportunities and challenges that beef producers around the world face – the Chisolm Trail Museum gave us an opportunity to see the history that our industry has in common across the Americas.  We had a chance to see that, just like today, the cattlemen of South and Central Texas, the United States, and other nations faced numerous challenges raising beef and bringing it to market.

A display of samples of historical barb wire from the Chisholm Trail Museum









From Cureo we travelled to Gonzales County to visit Graham Land & Cattle Co.  Graham Land & Cattle is a feedlot with the capacity to feed 30,000 head and background an additional 15,000 head.  During our visit, Graham Land and Cattle was feeding just over 21,000 head of mostly Bos indicus influenced cattle, including some Wagyu cross.  One thing that stuck out to us Canadians on the tour was that instead of the wind protection we are used to seeing, feedlots here provide protection from the sun.  It was an excellent illustration of how we are all trying to deal with the challenges our local climates provide.

An example of the shade at Graham Land and Cattle Co.










We finished off our day’s tour with a stop at Sexing Technologies near Navasota, Texas.  Sexing Technologies specializes in sorting semen into male and female sperm.  It was an excellent opportunity to see the process and science behind sexed semen.  We were surprised that not only does Sexing Technologies work with sexed beef cattle semen, but that sexed deer semen formed an important part of their business.  After showing us their sorting facility, we were invited to their genetic development center to see some of the bulls currently on test and to share in another generous Texas meal.

From Navasota we travelled on to our home for the next few days – the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort at Bastrop, Texas.  On to the next leg….

Brett McRae and Stuart Somerville, Canada’s Young Beef Leaders




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