Wednesday – Five Nations Beef Alliance 2014 Tour


We made a visit to Capitol Land and Livestock in Schwertner, TX Is one of the largest livestock dealers in USA , being in business since 1946

The company has 25 full time cattle buyers , covering Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi , Alabama , and Georgia.

While at Capitol Land and Livestock they taught us how the business works.  They are one of the main customers of McDonalds, they buy and sell 500,000 livestock per year and they have control of every single herd they buy, they can track from which part of the country the herd was bought. They have a system where they constantly call customers to buy their cattle so they can supply McDonalds.


They have different programs for the feeding of the cattle, depending on the age and weight of the cattle, they sort them into a feed lot or into a permanent grass and wheat  pastures owned by the company. They promote the honesty in their operations with their staff and business manner.



HEB was founded in 1905, more than 100 years ago,  and now operates 305 stores in Texas and 48 in Mexico with over 80,000 employees.

HEB is offering many varieties of meat for every meal and budget.  We found that they have  more than 50 kinds of beef  (including HEB Prime 1, Central Market Organics. HEB Fully cooked, Carniceria and also Kobe beef). It was interesting to see how they innovate in beef products and also that the have their own beef brand. HEB brings tips on everything from briskets and quick fixes to healthy snacks and produce guides. We enjoyed this benefit when they taught us how to cook  Kobe Beef.

It was very awesome to see how they offer so many varieties of beef with a very high quality and a with a very good presentation.



They are a ranch which was founded in 1909, that produces high quality Angus beef. We also had lunch there prepared by a chef from Dallas. He was telling us that 44 Farms have a very consistent quality which actually is a very rare thing, he gave us some examples that other beef producers don’t have, they have a lot of variability in the quality.

Also at 44 farms they have a very focused-consumer production, they focused a lot in what the customer will like and, like we were saying, the quality of the beef.


They also breed and sell bulls. They are selling 350 bulls on 25th of October (average price of $6700 USD) also some of the bulls they produce they compete nationally and actually they have some bulls which are the national champions.


Dinner in Texas Beef Council

We had dinner at the Texas Beef Council which is an organization directed by 20 board members of cattleman and women representing 149,000 beef producers in Texas. We had the best dinner of all the trip (yet), they gave us a very good rib-eye, it was a really good and typically Texan meal.


Veronica Ferreiro, Esteban Kosturakis and Miguel Portillo

Mexico’s Young Beef Leaders


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