Successful 2016 IBA Conference in New Zealand!!

Lake Taupo offered a wonderful scenario last October 17-21, when delegates from the seven country member organizations gathered at the International Beef Alliance annual conference.

The program covered a diversity of events that provided an interesting educational experience for the attendees.

A boat ride on the lake and a Maori welcoming ceremony set the stage with an amazing insight of the New Zealand history and culture.  

Visits to three cattle farms around the lake allowed the group to see different production systems with strong focus on sustainability. Mike and Sharon Barton at Glen Emmerth Farm, Barry and Celia Pope at Moerangi and Oraukura Station and John and Catherine Ford at Highlands Station were our friendly and hospitable hosts.

A panel session on the Red Meat Agricultural Profit Partnership took place on Wednesday October 19 featuring George Tatham (B+LNZ), James Parsons (B+LNZ), Tony Egan (Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd.) and Dr. Julie McDade (Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd).
Guest speakers Mike Petersen, New Zealand Special Agricultural trade Envoy, Matthew Costello from Rabobank, Scott Kennedy, Ambassador Chef, and Hon. Nathan Guy, Primary Industries Minister of New Zealand brought a high level of relevance to the Conference.

International Trade, Sustainable Beef Production and Leadership Development were the core topics in the agenda of the General Session, which concluded with important joint statements on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and on Trade Liberalization and Sustainability.

…………..looking forward to the next IBA Conference in Paraguay on October 2017!!

International Beef Alliance (IBA) 2016 Conference – Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

This year International Beef Alliance members will be welcomed to the shores of Lake Taupo, New Zealand for the annual conference from October 18-21, 2016.

The program will include two days of farm visits around the Central North Island region prior to the leadership meetings on Thursday and Friday. The field tour will give delegates the opportunity to learn about the challenges facing the New Zealand beef industry and how their farmers are adapting to the operating environment

We are once again expecting to have another group of Young Leaders from the seven countries actively participating as delegates in the Conference.

We look forward to energetic discussions on global trade, markets, sustainable beef production, animal welfare and other issues of mutual concern while strengthening the relationship among member organizations.


Historic 2015 Five Nations Beef Alliance Conference!

The 2015 FNBA Conference and Tour took place last October 18-23 in Durango, Durango and in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Ranch visits, Angus national cattle show and CEOs meetings were part of the program the first three days of the week in Durango.

Delegates traveled to Mazatlán, Sinaloa for the General Session on Thursday and Friday. Participants from the five national country members approved unanimously and welcomed as full members the two new countries that had been Observer Members for the last year, ACRIMAT-ASSOCON representing Brazil and Asociación Rural del Paraguay. Their addition motivated the rebranding of the alliance to International Beef Alliance.

  • Matt Tripodi, from Euromonitor, set the stage of the General Session with an interesting presentation on "Global beef markets and its importance in agriculture and food supply".
  • Discussion on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) was a highlight topic on the Trade theme. It was agreed to prepare a media release with the Alliance position.
  • Animal health and well-being and sustainable beef production were in the agenda. Dr. Albrecht Glatzle from Paraguay spoke about sustainability in the tropical livestock production.
  • The Young Leaders group was once again well represented. In addition to representatives from country members, we had a young producer, Federico Piegas and his father Elvio from Uruguay in attendance as invited guests.

Efforts will continue to expand the organization approaching beef producer entities in Uruguay and Colombia.

Before adjourning, the leaders agreed to the following calendar of Annual Conferences:

  • 2016 New Zealand
  • 2017 Paraguay
  • 2018 Canada
  • 2019 Brazil
  • 2020 Australia

Position of IBA on COP21 Climate Change meeting in Paris

The beef industry is actively engaged in reducing environmental footprints, including GHG emissions, through improvements in health programs, sustainable production and innovation.

The International Beef Alliance, previously the Five Nations Beef Alliance, represents beef producers from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay and The United States. The Alliance represents approximately 48% of beef production in the world.

Sustainable beef production is a high priority for the IBA. At the Alliance's recent annual conference in Mexico, each member described its efforts to improve sustainability of beef production in its country. Sustainable beef production is defined as meeting the growing global demand for beef by balancing environmental responsibility, economic opportunity and social diligence. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an important part of each country's sustainability efforts.

Continue reading International Beef Alliance Position on COP21 Climate Change Meeting

The Five Nations Beef Alliance had its 2014 Conference and Tour in Texas on October 4-11, hosted by NCBA.

The program included a tour of several cattle operations in south and central Texas and a two day conference. Delegates from the five country members and special guests from Brazil and Paraguay were in attendance.

On February 6, 2014,

Five Nations Beef Alliance issued a press release and joint statement expressing the position of our orginization, with the exception of Mexico, regarding the importance of having a comprehensive and Trans-Pacific partnership agreement.

Five Nations Beef Alliance urges high quality, comprehensive TPP outcomes

Five Nations Beef Alliance held its Annual Conference in Cairns on September 12-13, 2013

Among other important outcomes, a joint document related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement was signed (attached).

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement

The leaders of the five country organizations discussed global issues of mutual concern such as:

  • Sustainable beef production
  • Animal welfare
  • Increasing production costs
  • International trade liberalization
Press Release

2013 Five Nations Beef Alliance CEOs Meeting

FNBA had a CEOs meeting in Tampa, FL during the NCBA Annual Convention on February 4, 2013. Cattlemen to Cattlemen interviewed some of our members


2012 FNBA Conference was held in Banff, Alberta, Canada on September 13 and 14!