International Beef Alliance

Historic 2015 Five Nations Beef Alliance Conference!


The 2015 FNBA Conference and Tour took place last October 18-23 in Durango, Durango and in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Ranch visits, Angus national cattle show and CEOs meetings were part of the program the first three days of the week in Durango.

Delegates traveled to Mazatlán, Sinaloa for the General Session on Thursday and Friday. Participants from the five national country members approved unanimously and welcomed as full members the two new countries that had been Observer Members for the last year, ACRIMAT-ASSOCON representing Brazil and Asociación Rural del Paraguay. Their addition motivated the rebranding of the alliance to International Beef Alliance.

  • Matt Tripodi, from Euromonitor, set the stage of the General Session with an interesting presentation on “Global beef markets and its importance in agriculture and food supply”.
  • Discussion on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) was a highlight topic on the Trade theme. It was agreed to prepare a media release with the Alliance position.
  • Animal health and well-being and sustainable beef production were in the agenda. Dr. Albrecht Glatzle from Paraguay spoke about sustainability in the tropical livestock production.
  • The Young Leaders group was once again well represented. In addition to representatives from country members, we had a young producer, Federico Piegas and his father Elvio from Uruguay in attendance as invited guests.

Efforts will continue to expand the organization approaching beef producer entities in Uruguay and Colombia.

Before adjourning, the leaders agreed to the following calendar of Annual Conferences:

  • 2016 New Zealand
  • 2017 Paraguay
  • 2018 Canada
  • 2019 Brazil
  • 2020 Australia