International Beef Alliance

Established in 2010, this youth program under the Five Nations Beef Alliance, now International Beef Alliance, attracts participation from young leaders within each nation who are passionate about the future direction of the beef industry.

Representatives between the ages of 18-35 are selected within each nation through various selection processes to take part in the IBA annual Conference representing their country as delegates. They also have the opportunity to participate in different events in their nations according to their respective programs. The first gathering of the FNBA Young Ranchers took place in January 2010 when 10 beef enthusiasts experienced a jam packed week of tours, round tables and sightseeing in Denver Colorado during the International Livestock Congress held in conjunction with the world renowned National Western Stock Show.

This program was held in conjunction with the existing ISEF event and the International Livestock Congress – USA (ILC-USA).

The 5 Nations Young Ranchers Round Table adopted a project to complete a YouTube video from all five nations exhibiting clips of the participants on their own ranches/farms promoting why they have a passion for being a part of feeding the world a high nutrient-dense protein.

Since then, we have had a group of young leaders as part of the delegations attending the annual conference. Every group has worked on different projects, from videos, to blogs and white papers providing valuable input with their thoughts and opinions regarding issues concerning beef producers globally. The perspective of the younger generation has been educational and is an inspiration for the leaders of our member organizations.